The second product of ionization is acidic water. It consists of negatively charged ions which have a high oxidation capacity. The pH level of acidic water is less than 7. The high oxidation capacity of acidic water is the main element which defines its uses.

Bathing and Washing Face

Slightly acidic water, as obtained from the ionization process, promotes healthy and glowing skin. It can therefore be used for washing the face and bathing. However, it is important to seek the professional advice from a dermatologist before implementing this technique. Even though this method has proved to be beneficial for many, it is nevertheless possible to yield different results according to the skin types.

Contrary to popular belief, acidic water helps in removing dirt and dust from skin and pores, thereby helping in cleaning impurities in order to get purer and healthier skin. It also helps in disinfecting the skin – removing bacteria and other microorganisms on skin. However, care needs to be taken around sensitive areas like inside the eyes, nose and mouth. Bathing in slightly acidic water can help you feel lighter, refreshed and more alive.

Washing Kitchen Utensils

At times, the used dishes inside the kitchen – like cooking utensils and cutlery – prove to be extremely tricky objects for cleaning. The oil and seasonings used in preparing meals can stick to the utensils, making it difficult to clean them effectively. In some cases, the blackening of utensils can become a challenge. It is common in places where unrefined gas is burnt (combusted) for heating purposes.

Acidic water is an easy escape from hours of relentless washing and scrubbing. The acidic water is capable of releasing the dirt and food particles which stick to the utensil surface. This helps in cleaning the kitchen utensils with ease. Not only does it help in removing the grease and sticky food substances from the kitchen utensils, it also helps in disinfecting these from lodged germs and bacteria, making them safer for use.

Brushing Teeth

Acidic water can also be used for brushing teeth. It is important to note that acidic water, which is retrieved from the ionization process, is slightly acidic. It is therefore appropriate for physical use without damaging the surfaces. While using it to brush teeth, it is important to take special care in not ingesting the residue. Ingesting acidic water will invalidate the purpose of alkaline ionized water in the first place.

While brushing, it will help in killing the germs and bacteria which tend to grow with time inside the mouth cavity. It can also help in eliminating bad odors and plague. Acidic water has been found effective in removing the food deposits from teeth, making them look whiter, shinier and brighter. It can also help in treating several dental problems; however, it is advised to seek professional advice prior to implementation.

Antibacterial and Disinfecting

Acidic water can be used in all conditions where disinfection and antibacterial cleansing is intended. For instance, it can be used in cleaning the house, washing bathrooms, washing the ground, cleaning kitchen counter tops and several other purposes. It can also be applied on the skin for disinfection, though its administration on open-wound is strictly not advisable.

Acidic water has the power to kill all unwanted microorganisms from a surface, making it absolutely clean and pure. Bacteria, viruses and fungus can grow on all surfaces and its probability increases according to the time the surface is left untouched. When cleansed with acidic water, not only does the surface become clean, it also removes the deposits on which the microorganisms can grow again.