What are the special features of energywav water ionizer?

  1. Accurate PH level indicator (6 PH levels – 4 Alkaline. 2 Acidic)
  2. Flow rate and ORP (Oxidising Reduction Potential) Display
  3. Auto cleaning system
  4. Volume control voice system
  5. One touch system
  6. Excellent reduction power. 9 Platinum Coated Titanium plates produces highly pure ionised water
  7. 2-filter system
  8. 4 different languages (English, Korean, Mandarin, Bahasa)
  9. Colour TFT LCD Screen

What does the filters remove?

There are 2 filters: Filter 1 and Filter 2. Filter 1 filters out most of the impurities in tap water.Filter 2 further removes chlorine, chemicals and other volatile organic compounds, and purifies the water, providing water containing pure minerals

How often do I need to change filters?

Filter Change for our water ionizers happens about once every year, depending on usage. Filters can last for up to 5000L before replacement is needed.

Is it required to clean the water ionizer?

You do not need to clean the inside of energyavwater ionizer because the water ionizer has an automatic self-cleaning function. Inside requires little to no maintenance. However, you might need to clean the outside of water ionizer to prevent dust from collecting on the screen.

Where is energywav water ionizer produced?

Our water ionizer is produced in South Korea. The topwater ionizers in the market are mostly from South Korea, Taiwan, and Japan.

What are the countries that the water ionizer can be delivered to?

We ship worldwide but mainly to Singapore and South Korea where our fulfilment centres are present, and we can best assist customer in installation and provide personalised delivery

Can the water ionizer ordered online be shipped worldwide?

Yes, but we do not provide installation and free delivery where there is no fulfilment centres present.

How long does it take for the water ionizer to finish ionizing water?

It produces ionized water in a matter of seconds

Is the finished alkalized water stored inside the water ionizer or do customers need to prepare a container to hold the water?

Energywav water ionizer does not store the water, so customers should prepare a container.

What are some medical conditions drinking alkaline water can help alleviate?

From testimonials, people generally feel more energized, and they feel like diarrhoea, intestine problems, high blood pressure, and diabetes conditions are gone or improved.