Today, acquiring pure drinkable and usable water is a challenging feat. About 11% of the global population or 783 million people do not have access to proper drinking water. While diarrhea is the leading cause of illness and death all over the world, 88% percent of these are attributable to impure water resources. Every 20 seconds, a child dies of poor sanitary conditions which amount to 1.5 million preventable deaths each year. If proper and healthy water is made available to these unfortunate victims, 90% of the deaths can be avoided.

Our advanced and convenient-to-use water “purifying” systems are capable of maintaining a continuous supply of fresh water for domestic and commercial uses. The mechanism is simple, natural and very powerful which provides access to pure, ionized drinking water. We do not sell deceit-in-a-bottle – the end result of our purifying systems have been scientifically tested and regarded as safe and healthy drinking water. So you, your beloved ones and the world wide community can enjoy revitalizing fluids with utmost convenience, anytime, anywhere.

Ionized Water and Your Health

The process itself does not highlight the innumerable benefits ionized water has on your body. This phenomenon is supported by innumerable researches – it is not some figments of imagination elaborated to sound real just so that we can sell our products. The advantages are well-known, well-researched and very real.

The pH level inside the human body is very close to 7.3~7.4 (slightly alkaline). This pH level is extremely important to ensure the cellular reactions are carried out properly and the body functions are undisturbed. Any pH level other than this brief range can affect the human body in an extreme manner. The self-regulatory mechanisms inside the body are so advanced that any deviation from this level of alkalinity instructs the kidneys to retain bicarbonates so that the optimum pH (7.3-7.4) can be achieved again. Thus is the significance of this pH level.

However, the lesser known fact is this – our daily diet comprising of processed and canned foods, toxic beverages and other unhealthy eatables is quite acidic. This disrupts the internal pH level of the body. As a result, several diseases like premature aging and cancers have become quite rampant in the current era. The ionized water is capable of neutralizing the acidity from unhealthy food options and thereby prolongs a happy and healthy life.

Principles of Alkaline Ionized Water

Reactive oxygen species – Occur due to smoking, drinking, UV-exposure, air pollution, stress, chemical substances, and consumption of instant food.

Reactive hydrogen – Removes reactive oxygen species that occur in the body due to harmful substances.